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Aug, 2020

Little League - Fall Ball Rules 2020

Little League - Pre K/Kindergarten RULES:

  • Only one additional inning can be played after 45 minutes has passed.
  • Drop Dead Time: 60 Minutes 
  • Machine settings: 38 FT (from back tip of home plate) and 28 MPH
  • Each batter has 6 pitches to hit ball.  First four pitches must be delivered from pitching machine.  Last two pitches may be pitched by a coach (coach must stand at least 30 FT from plate when pitching the ball).
  • If batter hits the sixth pitch foul, the batter will be given additional pitches until the batter swings and misses or does not swing at a pitch.
  • Base runners may not lead off or steal
  • No advancing on an overthrown ball
  • No infield fly rule
  • Bats up to 2 ¾’ inch barrel are legal.  USA Baseball stamp is not required.
  • Base runner should stop advancing to the next base on a batted ball once the ball is in possession of the defensive team inside the base path (runner will be awarded next base if at least half way to the next base at that time).
  • Overthrows to any base: if an overthrow to ANY base occurs, the runners may attempt to earn a maximum of one extra base, at which point play is called dead.  An overthrow is when the fielder has to abandon his/her position to retrieve the baseball. As an example, if there is an overthrow to 1B and the runner decides to run on to 2B, the defender may attempt to get that runner out at 2B. If there is an overthrow at 2B then the runner must remain at 2B since they already were able to reach the one extra base. 
  • 5 run limit per inning (no additional runs allowed in last inning). Remember, NO Scores will be posted for this division. If coaches both agree, you may choose to simply bat all players all at once and then switch teams as opposed to playing 3 outs. Every effort should be made to get each player at least 2 at bats per game. 
  • All players bat
  • All players play defense, however, only 7 in the infield (C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, and 2 Pitchers (one on each side of the pitching machine)). All other players must be positioned at least 10 yards outside the base path.



Players should be encouraged to bring their own equipment to the highest extent possible so players will not have to share. Disinfectant spray will be provided to clean gear that will need to be shared. 

Please sanitize the bucket of balls before and after each game with disinfectant spray.

Please encourage fans to socially distance.

Allow players to sit with family when they are not up to bat. 

Team huddles should be spaced out to allow for social distancing. No high fives or other forms of contact (elbows are acceptable). 

End of game cheers should be spaced with no actual contact. Please wave to the other team as opposed to high fives at home plate. 



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