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Rules of Play - Select League

Centerville Baseball Select League Rules (adopted/stolen from RMSB Spring 2020)

The League will be governed by Official MLB Rules with the following exceptions:

1.    Player eligibility - No player may play with more than one team in the same division. Rosters must be submitted for the season (checked prior to games and postseason tournament) prior to the first game to [email protected].

2.    Due to tight field schedules, game length will be 7 innings or dead game at 1 hour and 30 minutes (1 hour and 45 minutes starting in April). This means that if the time expires in the middle of the top of the inning or prior to the start of the bottom of the inning, the game will end and the score will revert back to the score of the last completed inning. If the time expires during the bottom of the inning, the inning may be completed. 

3.    If game is tied when time expires or after 7 innings, rule #2 applies to completing or reverting the inning, otherwise, the game will end in a tie. International Tiebreaker rule applies ONLY for tournament games. 

4.    9 run rule after 5 innings.

5.    3 innings or 1 Hour constitutes a complete game when delayed or called because of inclement weather or any other reason.

6.    You can re-enter only the starting pitcher (one time).

7.    Infield fly rule is in effect.

8.    Pitchers - Maximum of 5 warm-up pitches between innings. Keep games moving.

9.    A Pitcher can fake a pick-off move to 3rd Base while being engaged with the pitching rubber. 

10.  All fields will have portable mounds. Pitchers are not allowed to wear metal cleats on the portable mounds. 

11.  Batting Order: There is no limit to the number of players you have in the starting batting lineup (9 or more). 

12.  Unlimited Defensive substitutions. Your defensive lineup is non-related to your batting order. A player may play defense even if they are not in the batting lineup.

13.  No restriction on cleats or bats, Wood Bats are Optional to Use as well for ALL Age Divisions.

14.  Home team will be official scorer unless otherwise designated by umpire. Put starting time in the book. Umpire is official time keeper.

15.  Protests will not be allowed on judgment calls. Protests must be handled at the time of protest (not after the game). 

16.  A slide rule will be enforced at Home when there is a play at the plate. If contact is initiated by the runner, it must be through the process of a slide. Malicious contact; runner will be ejected. However, it is the discretion of the umpire if the runner is sliding, attempting to slide, or if there was malicious contact, or if a slide is warranted.

17.  A slide rule will be enforced when an infielder is attempting to turn a double-play at second base. If the runner is not close enough to merit a slide, he must peel away from the baseline. This rule is for the protection of the base runner. The runner and batter/runner will be called out if the runner's not sliding or not peeling away affects the defensive play. This is the umpire’s discretion.

18.  A runner may not hurdle, jump over, or leap over a fielder unless the fielder is lying prone on the ground. Penalty: The runner is out, but the ball remains live unless the umpire calls interference. Note: Jumping over a kneeling fielder is illegal.

19.  NO defensive huddles prior to your team taking the field in between innings.

20.  Please have a Catcher available to warm up your Pitcher between innings when your Catcher is not ready.

21.  No infield before games. Get teams in the dugout and have your teams ready to play on time. 

22.  Only 2 coaches outside of dugout during games (does not include base coaches).

23.  No coaches outside of field of play (i.e. behind backstop)

24.  Remove garbage from dugout and clear dugout in a timely manner after your games. Hold post game discussions outside of the dugout.

25.  Show respect to the parks, umpires, your opponents, and to this great game.

9u/10 Division Only

  1. Base runner may steal or advance to any base after the ball crosses home plate.

  2. Batter is automatically out on a 3rd strike. No drop 3rd strike rule will be in effect.

  3. 8 runs per half inning: After 8 runs score, teams exchange offense and defense. Only on over the fence 

  4. Home Run can more than 8 runs be scored. In the last inning the trailing team can score unlimited runs. 

  5. If entering the last inning and the score is tied, then both teams can score unlimited runs. 

  6. The last inning is either the 7th inning or last inning to be played due to time limit (this is the umpire’s discretion).

  7. If a baserunner leaves the base before the pitched ball has crossed the plate, and is not put out on the play, the runner must return to the base occupied before the pitch was made. 

  8. If a baserunner leaves early and the ball is put into play. The baserunner(s) may only advance as far as forced to advance by the batter/runner.


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